SWAT Costumes For Kids

These days children are exposed to serious themes at a very early age. While their elders played cops and robbers, the high tech world we now live in bombards the children with television shows, movies and even internet games with complex story lines. Thus they get to learn about forensics and the other tactics police use to fight crime.

Invariably some of them will idolize beat cops, detectives, forensic experts or Special Weapons and Tactics officers.
When it comes time for these children to dress up as someone they dream of becoming one day, they may choose to play the role of a CSI forensics expert, a regular policeman, or a SWAT team member.

Because they are involved in the highest level of action, SWAT costumes are very popular with children who dream of battling crime and keeping their neighborhoods safe.When your children ask for SWAT costumes, the following online merchants are good sources:

1. Aeromax Jr. SWAT Suit

This stunning black jump suit will make your child believe he really is a SWAT team member out to fight crime. The high quality jump suit features lots of pockets to carry toy weapons in, and the pants leg is embroidered with white SWAT Team markings.

There are also embroidered SWAT markings above the left breast pocket, and on patches at each arm. A black cap embroidered with the same SWAT marking is included with this costume set. This fits child size 6/8; other sizes are available at different prices.

PRICE: $48.95 and $7.95 shipping

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2. Young Heroes Child’s S.W.A.T. Team Costume

This has to be one of the most complete SWAT costumes for kids out there. This costume set includes a jumpsuit with integrated boot tops, a helmet, a vest decorated with plastic phone, flashlight and handcuffs. In addition there is a toy grenade, a pair of toy binoculars, and toy badge.

This offer is for a costume in child’s small size; medium and large size costumes are also offered at different price levels. You can ask for this SWAT costume set to be gift wrapped and 2 day delivery is also an option.

PRICE: $19.40 and free shipping on orders over $35

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3. SWAT Outfit Halloween Costume For Boys

One look at this costume and you’ll immediately notice the high quality of workmanship. This attractive black SWAT costume consists of a shirt, an original looking vest with lots of pockets, hat and pants.

A costume this well designed will surely turn heads at any party, and during the usual Halloween festivities. This offer is for child size large, good for 8-10 year old children.

PRICE: $32.95 and free shipping

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4. SWAT Commando Kids Costume

This is another exceptionally good looking black SWAT costume. There is a polyester jumpsuit with a SWAT patch on one arm and a flag patch on the other.

There is also a vest which simulates a bullet proof vest, a belt, knee pads, a black SWAT hat, and a thigh holster. This is available in children’s medium and large sizes.

PRICE: $42.99 to $49.51

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It is important to encourage children to dream, especially if their dreams are anchored on positive role models like SWAT officers. Why not purchase one of these costumes for your children for Halloween? The joy it will bring them will be priceless.

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