SWAT Costumes For Couples

When it comes time to wear costumes, many of us are drawn to law enforcement outfits. Maybe this is a result of all the detective shows we see on television or the fact that as kids, most of us had played cops and robbers. Back when we were children it is hard to find volunteers to play the part of robbers; we usually fantasized of being powerful policemen keeping the community safe.

The common fascination with crime fighting has made us idolize different forms of law enforcement people. Television shows showing detectives, crime scene investigators, special weapons and tactics (SWAT) teams give us plenty of reason to look up to these upholders of the law; the more action is involved, the more popular the leading characters become. It is understandable then that SWAT costumes are some of the most popular. They exude a kind of glamour that costumes for regular beat cops do not; besides, black is the in color these days.

As SWAT teams are composed of people of both sexes, SWAT costumes for men and women are in high demand for costume parties and especially for Halloween. The following are a few good sources of SWAT costumes for couples:

1. SWAT Commander Adult Costum

If you want to feel like a real member of the SWAT team, this costume is made just for you. The black utility vest has a lot of pockets to hold all of the weapons and other tools of the trade that SWAT teams carry with them. The costume is made in only one size – extra large.

The reason for this may be the Velcro that keeps this vest together allows a lot of size flexibility. The kit also includes a blue undershirt, black knee pads and black fingerless gloves. Oh, and the vest has this large white letters spelling ‘SWAT’.

PRICE: $35.28 to $86.49

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2. Lady Swat Costume

If you want to look both sexy and powerful, this lady’s SWAT costume is your best bet. It is made in a stretchy jumpsuit style, which makes it a figure hugger. It is also very convenient to put on, with the vest section secured by plastic snaps.

There is an embroidered SWAT patch with bold white letters at the left portion of the vest. This costume is available in small, medium, large, and extra large.

PRICE: $22.12 to $121.80

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3. Leg Avenue Women’s Sultry Swat Officer Costume

If you are going to make believe you are a SWAT officer, you may as well take a bigger leap by assuming that real life SWAT members wear outfits this sexy. This women’s costume comes as a black tank (mini) dress adorned with three snaps out front.

The costume set also includes black fingerless gloves, black arm bands and a black garter. This SWAT costume is available in XS, small/medium and medium/large.

PRICE: $34.54 to 39.95

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4. Two-Piece Sexy SWAT Costume

Here is another very sexy SWAT costume for women. The material of the long-sleeved romper with very short shorts is shiny polyester with 10% spandex. Thus the costume is a very sexy figure hugger, designed to accentuate your every curve.

To complete the authoritative yet sexy picture, this costume set also includes an all-black waist cincher with lots of straps and attached garters. You have the option of requesting for gift wrapping and speedy 2-day shipping.

PRICE: $81 and free shipping

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5. Swat Suspender Jumpsuit Costume

If you want a really stretchy costume to flaunt your curves, better go for this lady’s SWAT costume fashioned in the style of a jumpsuit with suspenders. The black color makes your look slimmer while the 85% polyester and 15% spandex material allows of lots of stretch.

This costume set also includes a black belt fastened with snaps and a toy walkie-talkie marked “police.” This costume is available in XS, small, medium, large and XL sizes.

PRICE: $30.00 to $60.00

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6. Charades Men’s Swat Team Vest

In this sharp looking black vest, you may be mistaken for a real SWAT officer. There are lots of pockets to hold ammo magazines, weapons and other equipment. The sides are held together by three pairs of adjustable Velcro straps; that is the reason why it is offered in only one size.

The vest is black, of course, with Police and SWAT patches prominently displayed out front. What’s more, you can ask for two-day delivery if you need the costume urgently.

PRICE: $44.17 and free shipping

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7. Leg Avenue Women’s Swat Hottie Costume

This really hot women’s SWAT costume features a very sexy black romper, with very short pants. There is a zipper out front which makes putting this on and taking it off very convenient. An embroidered SWAT patch can be seen on the left part of the romper.

This costume set also includes a SWAT hat, leg straps and fingerless gloves. This costume is available in small, medium and large sizes.

PRICE: $49.95

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As you can see, SWAT costumes for men are offered separately from those for women. Perhaps this is done so as not to limit individual choices. However, there are lots of choices for either sex that coming up with matching SWAT outfits for a couple should not be too hard.

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