Phantom of the Opera Face Masks

The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most famous novels of French writer Gaston Leroux, but it did not enjoy much fame until it was adapted into films and later on as a musical. It is the story of a horribly deformed man who falls in love with an opera singer and eventually does her bidding. The resulting success of the play made Phantom of the Opera costumes, the mask in particular, highly popular.

The association with the lead character makes women associate the masks with control over a raging beast, which has been a favorite subject of many romantic stories and plays. Add to that the anonymity that the mask gives and you have irresistible appeal.

So much is the appeal that even if the character who wore the mask in the Phantom of the Opera is male, there are such masks designed especially for women. Anyway masks have been popular in masquerade balls hundreds of years before the Phantom novel was written. In fact, as early as the 15th century, they were all the rage in masquerade balls organized mostly by European royalty, most notably those hosted by the French and the Venetians.

These days costume parties are where you’ll see Phantom of the Opera face masks, and you are likely to see them worn by both sexes, and of course there is also Halloween.

For those who fancy wearing a Phantom mask, here are a few likely sources:

1. Luxury Mask Men’s Phantom Of The Opera Half Face Masquerade Mask Vintage Design

This Venetian style half mask is made of high quality and durable plastic. It is a special edition Venetian half mask decorated a musical score motif. This mask has two silk ribbon ties which make it easy to secure and adjust to most face sizes. Care for this mask is easy as it tolerates hand washing.

The half mask design gives it a mysterious and adventuresome look people at costume balls look for. If you plan on giving one as a present you can have it gift wrapped. And if you are in a hurry it can be delivered in just two days.

PRICE: $27.00 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

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2. Luxury Mask Men’s Signature Phantom Of The Opera Half Face Mask Metal

This white Venetian style half mask is has a very intricate shape which attracts a lot of admiring looks. It is made of fibers and it is decorated with sparkling Czech rhinestones. As for durability, there is no paint flaking, glue residue or discoloration.

This imported hand mask can be hand washed safely. This very stylish mask is a great accessory for any type of masquerade ball, costume party, fashion show or even Halloween party. Gift wrapping and one day shipping are offered options.

PRICE: $44.00 & FREE Shipping.

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3. KAYSO INC Classic Venetian Phantom of The Opera Masquerade Masks

This classic Venetian Phantom of the Opera masquerade mask from Kayso Inc. has a hand drawn cracked white surface artwork, and is of the half mask design type. There are two satin ribbons at the edges of the mask to securing.

These masks are made of eco-friendly poly resin materials, so there is no paint flaking, no excess glue to worry about and it does not discolor. It is available in one size that fits most people, and it suits both men and women. You can opt to have these masks gift wrapped and delivered in just two days.

PRICE: $15.88 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35.

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4. KAYSO INC Elegant Laser Cut Phantom of the Opera Venetian Half Face Mask

This stunningly elegant Phantom of the Opera Venetian half face mask is gold in color and is decorated with purple glitters. It is made of eco-friendly and lightweight metal alloy which is very intricately cut using a laser. It is only offered in one size which should fit most face sizes.

Because it is made of metal, this mask can be adjusted manually for a more snug fit. Satin ribbons attached to either side fasten the mask securely. It ships in 2 to five days if you choose expedited delivery at check-out.

PRICE: $19.95 & FREE Shipping

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5. Paloqueth Phantom of the Opera Venetian Laser Cut Masquerade Mask -Style 2

This black colored mask is made of lightweight metal so it is very durable. The very intricate design is laser cut and generously decorated with lots of rhinestones. While the mask is only offered in a single size expected to fit most, it can be adjusted to fit because it is made of metal.

Two ribbons at each side securely fasten the mask in place. The paint lasts and does not fade, and there is no messy glue deposits. If you need this Phantom of the Opera mask urgently, choose expedited delivery at checkout and it will be delivered in 2 to 5 days.

PRICE: $13.12 & FREE Shipping

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6. Forum Classic Styled Phantom Mask

This is a classic half face Phantom of the opera mask in white color. There is an edge trim that seems to simulate white lace. This mask securely fastens through a band. A swivel on the fastening band allows the mask to be tilted up the head and back down to cover the face.

It is made of 95% plastic and 5% polyester material. The mask can be safely hand washed. This Forum Novelties product is great for parties, costume balls and Halloween celebrations. You can choose to have this item gift wrapped and delivered in just two days.

PRICE: $8.16 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35.

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7. Exquisite Phantom of the Opera Masquerade Mask – Clear Rhinestones; One Size Fits All

You can tell this is a true Phantom of the Opera mask in every aspect of its design. It covers half the face with a teardrop shape on one cheek, and it features a sweeping eyelash design. It is made of strong yet lightweight metal alloy which has been laser cut into a thin intricate shape which remains strong enough so you can adjust it to fit the contours of your face.

This mask is black in color and adorned with lots of clear Preciosa rhinestones; two satin ribbons fasten it securely to the face. You can have this delivered gift wrapped. If you choose expedited delivery it will be shipped in 2 to 5 days.

PRICE: $19.95 & FREE Shipping

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8. Women’s Sexy Signature Phantom Of The Opera Masquerade Mask, Right

This is another nice Phantom of the Opera half face mask which covers only the right side of the face, and is designed especially for women. This black mask is made of lightweight yet very strong metal alloy which makes it possible to manually adjust this for a better fit.

Two satin ribbons attached to the sides of the mask secure it firmly in place. It is only available in one size designed to fit most faces, it is great for costume balls and masquerade parties.

PRICE: $5.99 & $4.79 Shipping

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The Venetian style half masks commonly used as part of Phantom of the Opera costumes are very elegant looking. These make the masks suitable for wearing at costume parties, masquerade balls, Halloween parties, and modeling. Thankfully there are now lots of choices, many of which are available through online sources. Perhaps it’s time you tried one on.

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