Long Red Gloves

Ladies of all ages dream of playing the role of royalty. In some important events some women even go to the extent of wearing fake tiaras to make their dream of transforming into a princess for a night seem more real. But there is a more subtle way women of fashion can imitate royals. Many royals dress up in gowns plus an almost mandatory accessory: gloves.

Thus in many occasions, especially evening ones, many women wear a variety of fashion gloves. Some wear the common wrist length gloves, others the more formal ¾ length or elbow length gloves. But for the most formal occasions, only a full length or opera length pair of gloves will do.

Some of these formal gloves are so long that they extend to cover up to the highest levels of the upper arms. The most exclusive full length gowns are made of leather. They are usually bespoke and expensive. The most expensive ones are made of kidskin.

However, there are lots of more affordable alternatives to full length leather gloves. There are widely available models of full length gloves made of satin and polyester. Some of these gloves are of very high quality and will not be out of place in the most formal of occasions.

These non-leather gloves are available in a wide selection of colors. Red is one of the most popular colors. With a long red glove, you can play princess, Jessica Rabbit, or Little Red Riding Hood with confidence.

Here are a few retailers of long red gloves:

1. Red Long Satin Dress Gloves

This pair of satin red gloves is designed for children, and is offered in only one child size. The length makes it a full-length child’s glove. This glove is ideal for use as part of costumes, since children don’t normally attend semi-formal and formal activities.

The red color makes it a perfect addition to costumes for sexy characters such as Betty Boop and Jessica Rabbit. You can have this beautiful pair of gloves gift wrapped and delivered in just one day.

PRICE: $7.65 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35.

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2. Fever Women’s Temptress Gloves Long 46Cm 18 Inches In Display Pack

These gloves, in bright red color, are wickedly elegant. This pair of gloves is gathered along its length so it manages to create a good fit for all hand and arm sizes.

They are made of 100% high quality imported polyester and can be safely hand washed. If you are buying these as gifts for someone, you can choose to have them delivered gift wrapped in just two days.

PRICE: $7.00 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

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3. Be Wicked Women’s Long Gloves

This pair of red gloves is stylish and elegant. The 92% polyester and 8% spandex material makes this pair of elbow length red gloves fit all hand and arm sizes snugly without being too tight. The gloves are soft, comfortable and look really fashionable with its matte finish.

Each of the fingers is of just the right length and would complement any costume. These gloves are available in three sizes: 21 cm., 39 cm., and 57 cm.

PRICE: $2.93 to $15.99

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4. Womens 22″ Classic Adult Long Opera Length Satin Gloves

This pair of shiny red gloves is made of 89.3 percent nylon and 10.7 percent spandex, so there is a bit of stretch. It is offered in one size designed to fit all ladies.

This pair is full length, and measures 22 inches from the tip of the middle finger to the upper end of each glove. It can come with or without a tasteful bow at the end of each glove. It is also available in many other attractive colors.

PRICE: $4.20 & FREE Shipping

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If you are looking for long red gloves to complement a costume or to wear on semi-formal and formal occasions, you can try these four models. They are all reasonably priced and easy to order.

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