6 Long Neon Blue Wigs

Wigs have been in fashion for a very long time. People wear wigs for many different reasons. Judges in some countries wear a white wig to symbolize wisdom. Ladies have been wearing wigs to try on different looks and styles.

And men with receding hairlines have been known to try to regain their youthful appearance through the use of wigs. But lately, wigs of different colors have become very fashionable; shockingly, some of the colors are very far from the natural color of real hair.

Fashion models, rock stars, pop stars, and almost anybody in show business and those who are trying to imitate their style can be seen wearing wigs of outlandish colors, red, pink, metallic blue, and indigo among them. One of the most popular color for wigs is neon blue – maybe because very popular pop star Katy Perry can often be seen wearing them.

Because of the color, most of these wigs are made of synthetic hair – there is no sense in using perfectly good natural hair if you are going to color them in an unnatural shade. The important thing is that these wigs are much like costumes; they allow the wearer to experience a new personality based on the type of wig they choose.

If you are shopping for some really good quality neon blue wigs of different lengths, you can always turn to friendly online merchants. The following is a list of six such merchants offering neon blue wigs:

1. Heat Resistant Spiral Curly Dark Blue Cosplay Wig

This wig features a full 80 cm length, and yes the color is neon blue. It is made of high quality synthetic fiver which is can handle high temperatures of up to 100 degrees C; the wig can be styled at temperatures well below that.

It is available in a single size designed to fit most head sizes through the use of an adjustable net cap.It is conveniently just 350 grams in weight. This is a wig which would be great with any costume, or worn just for fun.

PRICE: $10.50 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35.

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2. Women’s Party Girl Wigs

One look at this wig and it is apparent it was modeled after Katy Perry’s hair (or wig) style. It is shocking neon blue in color, it is shoulder length, and it features straight bangs and lovely large curls at the ends.

You can wear this wig to imitate many pop stars or just to party in what is a currently very popular wig color.The manufacturer advises wearing a wig cap for better fit as well as to make sure none of your real hair peek out.

PRICE: $13.46 and free shipping on orders over $35.

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3. Leg Avenue Neon Star Long Wavy Wig

This gorgeous neon blue color wig is long with lots of wavy curls. It should be a hit in most parties except if you are trying for a look with bangs; this wig does not have that.

The wig is made of durable polyester that will not get damaged even if you hand wash. Gift wrapping and two day shipping are offered as options.

PRICE: $9.67 and free shipping on orders over $35.00

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4. Leg Avenue Costumes Glow Two-Tone Long Curly Wig

If you are one of those people who love streaks of a different color in your hair, this two-tone neon blue and aqua colored wig will be a great choice. This long wig is made of durable olefin, which means its fibers are color fast, stain resistant and strong.

Available in only one size designed to fit most adults. If you are buying this as a gift, you can have it gift wrapped. And if you are in a hurry, you can simply choose a 2-day delivery option.

PRICE: $13.98 and free shipping on orders over $35.

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5. Forum Novelties Women’s Sherry Berry Wig

Despite the name, it is obvious that this wig was designed to mimic one worn by a very popular pop star. This 100% synthetic wig is berry blue in color, with long wavy curls and straight bangs at the forehead – sound familiar yet?

But you don’t need to be a pop or rock star to look good in this wig. It should be great for parties and even for costumes requiring wigs of the same color and style.

PRICE: $17.27 and free shipping on orders over $35.

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6. Katy Perry Secret Wishes Deluxe California Girl Wig

This wig goes best with a Katy Perry costume but would be nice to wear for parties too. This long wig is decorated with a heart shaped bun at the top, and is in the pop star’s favorite shade of blue.

It is made of 100% imported Kanekalon fiber which gives it a natural hair feel, despite its outlandishly bright color.The wig cap is breathable for added comfort. You can have this item shipped to you gift wrapped in just one day.

PRICE: $31.99 and free shipping on orders over $35.

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If shocking neon blue color wigs fascinate you, there are many choices available through very reliable online merchants. All you need to do is to choose the one that best meets your preferences. If you are purchasing one of these wigs as a present for someone special, there are suppliers who offer gift wrapping as an option.

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