6 Wonderful Katy Perry Costumes For Halloween

Ever since Katy Perry became famous in the musical scene, she has inspired legions of fans to imitate her style. Her popularity has been boosted by her musical success as well as having been voted the sexiest woman in the world by at least two men’s magazines. Now which woman would not want to be seen to be a lookalike of this hugely popular musical star?

The challenge is how to copy Katy Perry’s style. She has been known to wear the most outrageous outfits made of almost anything imaginable, including strips of raw meat in one instance. When she wears dresses, they are usual short and in multiple candy colors. And her hair is almost always as attention grabbing as her outfits; it is often bright blue, and features a heart shaped bun (most likely a wig).

When it is time to choose a female costume for a masquerade or even for Halloween, Katy Perry costumes are in great demand. If you are going to pretend you’re someone else for a night, you might as well transform into a sexy and popular figure – that is what Katy Perry is to most women.

The following are just a few good sources of Katy Perry costumes:

1. Katy Perry Secret Wishes Candy Girl Costume

This gorgeous strapless dress is full of candy colors like the shades of pink, blue and white that adorns the skirt. The upper portion of this polyester dress contains prints of swirly lollipops, candy canes and ice cream cones. It is not hard to imagine this dress on Katy Perry herself!

This costume is available in extra small, small, medium and large sizes. It is sturdy enough to withstand hand washing.

PRICE: $9.00 to $105.32

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2. Katy Perry Secret Wishes Whipped Cream Costume

This Katy Perry costume features whipped cream can designs on the breasts as a nod to the playful naughtiness of the star’s outfits. This outfit is in bright red and is in two pieces; the naughty top and a very sexy ‘hot pants’ type bottom. This means you should be ready to bare your midriffs.

The sexiness is not over the top, and is in keeping with what the pop star would wear in one of her performances.

PRICE: $6.58 – $65.99

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3. Women’s Katy Perry Roar Costume

This wonderful outfit consists of four pieces: a bustier with what looks like leopard prints, a skirt made to look like it was made of long green leaves and orchids, a headpiece made of artificial flowers in white, yellow, and pink, and a pair of brown arm bands.

The skirt is made of 100% polyester, but the top has 10% spandex for flexibility. It is available in standard and extra large sizes.

PRICE: $38.10 to $59.99

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4. Party King Candy Girl

This is a very attractive Katy Perry dress in her trademark candy colors. The skirt portion has strips of white, light pink, a darker shade of pink, and blue. The top has a white background festooned with candy designs in many colors. This imported polyester dress can withstand normal hand washing.

It is available in small, medium, large, and XL sizes.

PRICE: $33.99 – $48.69

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5. Egyptian Goddess Costume

Katy Perry used an Egyptian costume for in a music video for her song ‘Dark Horse’. Thus you can also use an Egyptian costume if you want to imagine yourself a hugely popular and very sexy icon of pop music. This costume includes a dark colored dress with a gold colored belt at the waist, glovelettes, a gold colored crown with the image of a cobra out front, and a collar wide enough to cover the shoulders.

The design of this costume is unmistakably Egyptian, so it can be used as Katy Perry and Egyptian queen costumes. Available in XS, small, medium, large, XL, and 2X sizes.

PRICE: $33.75 to $71.10

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6. Secret Wishes Sexy Lollipop Costume

This sweet costume would also look great in a Barbie doll. The same playful candy colors are used for the dress; the skirt is pink, the top section has wavy pink lines on a white background, the waist area is adorned with multi lollipops and ribbons, the bra area is decorated with the same lollipops and ribbons style.

The set also includes a lollipop headpiece and a pair of pink gloves. It is available in XS, small, medium, and large sizes.

PRICE: $20.11 to $44.95

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If you’re the playful and slightly naughty type or want to dress up as one, any of these Katy Perry costumes will make a great choice. You can wear them in parties, for Halloween or whenever you feel like it, and they are easy to order online. Choose one for Halloween and see what your friends have to say!

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