Katy Perry Costumes For Kids

While adults try to ape the hottest and most popular celebrities, children spend their time trying to imitate their elders. What these children end up doing is imitate the superstars their parents idolize. Thus it should be no surprise to hear children trying to belt out a Katy Perry song, trying out her dance moves or her slightly naughty fashion style – at least to the extent that their guardians will allow.

Come Halloween some girls with inevitably want to try out a Katy Perry costume for trick or treating. The good thing is that Katy Perry uses costumes which look better on children – the colors and the candy designs are more suited to children’s wear anyway. This is what makes it easier for young girls to convince their parents to purchase Katy Perry costumes for them.

With the advent of e-commerce, it has become easier to order Katy Perry outfits, even those meant for children. Here are a couple of them:

1. Katy Perry Candy Girl Child’s Costume

This officially licensed costume in children’s medium size is sure to make your little girl believe she is a shorter version of Katy Perry. The costume actually looks like a smaller version of adult ones with the multi-colored skirt and candy designs on the top – about the only difference is that, being meant for a child, the dress is not strapless.

This offer is for a medium sized dress/costume; medium and large sizes are available at different rates. If you are buying this as a present you can have it gift wrapped. Delivery can be as short as 2-days.

PRICE: $22.17

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2. Secret Wishes Sweetheart Costume

This sexy dress costume is really short – way above the knee. The skirt portion is filled with hearts which have appealing messages like ‘mad for you’, ‘kiss me’, and ‘love me’.

The top looks much like a German or Bavarian dress, only in pastel colors. It is made of polyester which can be safely hand washed.

PRICE: $17.85 to $70.39

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There is no reason why young girls cannot dress up like Katy Perry. They also need pop idols to look up to. And anyway, it is not so hard to find Katy Perry dresses. It may be a good idea to get one for your little girl as a Halloween gift.

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