Greek Goddess Costumes For Kids

Truth be told, there are very few references of mythical Greek deities as children. Perhaps this is because their stories would not be exciting enough, or simply because some of them, like Athena for example, were born fully grown and clad in armor – they are supposed to be gods and goddesses after all, so everything is possible.

Still that does not prevent many young girls from imagining themselves as their favorite Greek goddess. They see these deities as models of exemplary beauty, intelligence and courage that they wish to emulate. It also helps that their mothers and older sisters also like wearing Greek goddess costumes. And to be honest, young girls look good in the flowing costumes of Greek goddesses.

These days there are many Greek goddess costumes conveniently available through internet merchants. Here are three good ones:

1. Big Girls’ Greek Goddess Costume

It is immediately apparent that this Greek goddess costume is especially designed for young children. The neckline on the light blue and cream ombré gown is appropriately high, but it still retains the gold trim of where it would be on adults.

The full length polyester gown is sized children medium (8-10). A matching gold colored headpiece made in the shape of a wreath is included. Fast, two-day shipping is available as an option.

PRICE: $22.07 and free shipping on orders over $35

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2. Girls Purple Greek Goddess Costume

This purple and white ombré gown for children is sure to be as much a hit here on earth as it is on Mt. Olympus. The polyester gown features a square neckline and is a proper ankle length. An attractive gold trim adorn the edges and waistline of the gown and there is also a built in drape in the same color combination.

A gold colored headband completes the costume. This costume is offered in girl’s small (4-6), medium (8-10), and XL (14-16) sizes.

PRICE: $26.24 to $45.37

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3. Big Girls’ Athena Goddess Costume Medium (8-10)

With this costume your child can transform herself into the goddess of reason, intelligence, arts and literature. The gown itself is so exquisite it really does not need any reference to mythical deities to be attractive. It is an ankle length pink and white ombré gown with gold colored trim around the front and waist areas, and an attached drape.

A beautifully crafted headband decorated with gold colored leaves completes the costume. If you are in a hurry, you can choose 2-day shipping.

PRICE: $19.09 and free shipping

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Let your young girl dream of conquering Mt. Olympus, wielding great power and intelligence while remaining beautiful and feminine in fabulous Greek goddess costumes. Best of all, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to make the order. Perhaps you can consider gifting one of these costumes to your young girl in time for Halloween.

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