DC Comics Wonder Woman Costumes For Kids

Let’s face it girls want to make believe they are already women – just like their moms. That is why many of them try on high-heeled shoes and try their best to paint their lips with their moms’ lipsticks. In time many of these little girls learn to admire the same heroines that their moms do; even those make believe comics and cartoon superheroes.

It is no wonder then that when it is time to dress up in costumes, such as during costume parties and Halloween, these girls tend to pick the same sexy, strong and intelligent heroines their mothers idolize. And, truth be told, superhero costumes do look a lot better on young children. Thus many young girls often choose Wonder Woman costumes.

While Wonder Woman costumes will not really make these girls look sexy, they are too young for that, they transform them into adorable and smart looking mini-heroines. Plus, these very young girls get to dream their costumes transform them into real superheroes. Money can’t buy the amount of fun these girls have playing make-believe heroines.

Here are four of the best costumes offered by online merchants:

1. Super DC Heroes Wonder Woman Costume

This cute girl’s Wonder Woman costume looks very smart. It is made of high quality polyester material and has all the right shades of red, blue and gold associated with the heroine. This set contains a blue and red dress with cape, a wide gold colored belt, bracelets, a headpiece, and a pair of white and red boot tops.

It is so complete you do not need to go shopping for accessories. This costume is offered in Child Small (Size 4-6, 3-4 Yrs), Medium (Size 8-10, 5-7 Yrs), and Large (Size 12-14, 8-10 Yrs).

PRICE: $17.50 – $88.07

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2. Toddler Wonder Woman

There are few things more adorable than seeing a superhero costume on a toddler, especially if it is a well made Wonder Woman costume like this one. The dress with attached cape, and head piece all feature very red, blue and gold colors. The set also include a pair of bracelets as well as boot tops.

There’s no telling what your little heroine will do if she sees a villain while decked out in this costume. The polyester outfit tolerates machine washing and line drying and is available in a single toddler 2-4 size. Two day shipping and gift wrapping are offered as options.

PRICE: $22.24

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3. Rubies DC Super Heroes Collection Deluxe Wonder Woman Costume, Small (4-6)

This deluxe Wonder Woman costume is designed especially for children. The outfit includes a leotard, a cape, a belt, a headband, a lasso, a pair of bracelets and a pair of boot tops. There is nothing more you need to buy as far as accessories are concerned. The costume is made of durable polyester and has received praises from satisfied buyers for its great workmanship.

This offering is for a small size costume; there are also toddler, medium and large sizes which are priced differently. Since this is meant for children, you can ask for it to be gift wrapped. If you are in a hurry they can deliver in as little as two days.

PRICE: $24.98

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4. Justice League Child’s Wonder Woman Tutu Dress – Medium

You can almost imagine your child patrolling the streets and combating evil in this gorgeous polyester Justice League Wonder Woman costume. This kit consists of a sleeveless dress with a sparkling tutu skirt and cape, a gold colored belt, an eye mask and gauntlets.

The costume is made of polyester so care should be easy. This offering is for a dress of medium size, although you can also order toddler and small sizes which are separately priced. As with most children’s items, gift wrapping and two day shipping are offered as options.

PRICE: $18.50

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Indulge you little girl’s fantasies of super power and crime fighting adventures through these wonderfully made, and fully licensed, Wonder Woman costumes. For all you know their experiences may even help shape their character, giving them confidence to fight for the right when they mature.

Even if it is child’s play it is important to give them legitimate heroines to look up to. And these costumes may help.

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