10+ Greek Goddess Costumes for Adults


It’s hard to find fault with mythical Goddesses of ancient Greece. They had both beauty and power and they were almost always portrayed wearing beautiful long often sleeveless gowns and tunics gathered at the waist by some kind of rope belt.

Women all over the world dream of being as glamorous and powerful as these goddesses.

The popularity of Greek mythology deities are boosted by some very colorful characters such as Aphrodite, the Goddess of love beauty and sensuality. She was supposed to be the most beautiful of all the goddesses and in ancient Greece, wars were fought over beautiful women – anyone remember the Trojan War?
Because of this, many women like to dress up in Greek goddess attire for costume parties.

Thankfully, the stunning gowns and accessories worn by Greek goddesses are now much more widely available. There is a big selection of Greek goddess costumes available in various online stores. Here are a few of the better ones:

1. FunWorld Greek Goddess Costume


This sexy floor-length light blue and crème ombré gown will make you look just like a goddess of Greek mythology.

The gown is made of 100% knit polyester which can be safely hand-washed.

To complete this costume is a gold-colored headband with leaf designs.

This costume is available in small/medium 2-8, medium/large 10-14, and 16W-24W sizes.

PRICE: $16.80 to $71.87

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2. California Costumes Women’s Athenian Goddess Costume

This Athenian goddess costume consists of a long flowing white gown and a gold colored headpiece. At the neckline and waist area, the edges of this polyester gown are decorated with elegant gold trim; the white color makes it true to the image of a Greek goddess. This offering is for a large size gown. Small, medium and XL sizes are also available at different rates. Two day shipping and gift wrapping are offered options.

PRICE: $20.61

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3. Forplay Women’s Immortal Beauty Costume Set


If you want to dress up as Greek goddess but hate wearing floor length gowns, this sexy costume may be made just for you. It is almost a mini in length, and features a very classy wide gold edge trim all throughout, and a wide gold band at the waist. The dress is made of quality 95% polyester and 5% spandex material which you can safely hand wash. This costume set consists of the dress with cape, armband, wristlets, and a headband. Available sizes are small/medium, medium/large and large/XL.

PRICE: $20 to $45.99

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4. Dreamgirl Goddess Of Love Aphrodite


If you are going to dress up as a goddess, you might as well dress up as the most beautiful goddess of all – Aphrodite, although actually, she is more popularly known as Venus of Roman mythology. This white dress features a nice lace like embroidery at the neckline and plenty of gold trim at the edges and waistline. A zipper at about knee length allows the bottom to detach for use as a cape. The costume includes a pair of gold colored armbands and a headpiece festooned with rhinestones. This gown is available in small, medium, large and XL sizes.

PRICE: $29.58 to $59.99

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5. California Costumes Women’s Spartan Queen Costume


The most famous of all Greeks are the Spartans who are known for the military prowess of their men and the beauty of their women. This sexy yet elegant costume will transform you into a queen of Spartans. The gown speaks of simple elegance yet is sexy enough to feature a neckline slit all the way to the navel. There are two black and gold colored embroidered bands below the bust and at the waist. The included arm band is made in the same design. This US made gown can be machine washed and tumble dried. It is available in small, medium and large.

PRICE: $20.47 to $48.95

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6. Women’s Deluxe Classic Toga Item # 01151


The simplicity of this classic toga adds to its beauty. White colored with tasteful gold trim and a gold band at the waist, you can easily imagine yourself in Olympus in this costume. The above the knee length gown even features and attached cape and belt. Wearing this gown will give you a classy look with a just a slight bit of sexy. This costume is available in XS, small, medium, large and XL.

PRICE: $15.67 to $56.18

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7. California Costumes Olympic Goddess Adult Costume


This elegant costume consists of a cream colored gown with an attached medallion and a gold colored headband. The gown is ankle length, with a gold and black embroidered band below the bust, and a single shoulder strap where the medallion attaches. All you need to complete this costume is a pair of strapped sandals. You can order this costume in small, medium, large and XL sizes.

PRICE: $16.00 to $37.99

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8. California Costumes Women’s Glorious Goddess Costume


If you really want to feel like a goddess, you will like this very alluring costume. The ankle length white gown features a neckline slit all the way to the waist level; embroidered gold colored bands below the bust and at the waist help keep the gown together. If that is not sexy enough, there are also two high slits from the hem to the waist. The costume set also includes a cape, a headband and wrist cuffs. It is available in XS, small, medium, and large sizes.

PRICE: $21.56 to $42.99

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9. California Costumes Women’s Roman Empress Costume


Now for a bit of variety, why not try wearing Roman Empress attire? This magnificent ankle length gown is white and burgundy with gold colored trim at the edges. The attached drape is also burgundy in color. A black, white and gold embroidered band below the bust and two medallions attach to shoulder straps. Two arm bands with the same design as the band on the gown are included in the set. You can order this costume in women’s small, medium, large and XL sizes.

PRICE: $23.10 to $46.88

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10. Goddess Venus Adult Women’s Costume


If you dress up in this costume, you may dream of transforming into the Roman goddess Venus, or the Greek goddess Aphrodite, which is one and the same. This stunning ankle length white gown has just one shoulder strap with a design that looks like a gold colored clasp. There are two gold colored bands encircling the waist, and a high thigh slit. This costume sets comes with gold colored cuffs and wreath. It is sold in medium and large sizes.

PRICE: $43.88 to $59.99

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With the many Greek and Roman costumes available through online merchants, women have lots to choose from. It has become very convenient to transform yourself into the image of a Greek or Roman deity of your choice. Prices are also more affordable. Perhaps it’s time you wore one for your next costume party or even Halloween.

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